Gendering Political Participation


LAU’s Arab Institute for Women (AiW) and Academy of Continuing Education (ACE) are organizing a panel discussion titled “Gendering Political Participation” organized under the project “Supporting Political Participation of Targeted Women in Lebanon”.

The panel discussion will focus on women’s political participation in Lebanon on both the parliamentary and municipal levels as well as the experiences of women in the latest parliamentary elections.

This discussion will be held in the presence of LAU President Michel E. Mawad and H.E. Tarja Fernandez, Ambassador of Finland to Lebanon, Jordan, Chargée d´affaires in Syria.


  • Ms. Verena El Amil
  • Ms. Laury Haytayan
  • MP Halimeh Kaakour
  • Mr. Aly Sleem
  • Dr. Josephine Zgheib


  • Ms. Diana Mokalled.