An Interactive Fireside Chat with Saade Chami

LAU Beirut campus - Irwin Hall Auditorium & Online

The Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution (ISJCR) at LAU in partnership with LIFE Lebanon and the Middle East Institute (MEI) invite you to

An Interactive Fireside Chat with Saade Chami
Lebanon’s Deputy Prime Minister

In a candid and open conversation, the head of Lebanon’s negotiating team with the IMF discusses the pending hurdles and the steps needed to resolve – rather than perpetually manage – Lebanon’ crisis of the century. 

To foster public engagement in such a critical conversation, an interactive poll will be shared with the audience to help highlight core social and economic issues. To further strengthen inclusivity and meaningful participation in this dialogue, voices from disproportionately affected segments of the economy as well as vulnerable populations have been invited to draw attention to their priorities and concerns.

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