X-Tended Reality Competition - Dare to C


The X-Tended Reality competition aims to provide tutelage to LAU students while primarily focusing on cohorts in the Technology and Design fields. Multidisciplinary teams will come together to advance their knowledge and understanding of Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality (XR) which is a discipline that is ever-growing and disrupting almost every global industry. The project outputs will advance the development of XR tools primarily through the use of AI models to convert visual cues into audio cues. The projects outputs will in turn serve the larger objective of “Providing Accessible Solutions for persons with Visual Impairment” as the award winning projects are then further advanced into large scale applications.

Theme of the XR 2022/ 2023 competition

Mixed Reality application to guide persons with visual impairment in a closed environment.

Competition Description

LAU Students will compete to create a Mixed Reality Application compatible with the Microsoft Hololens II so that persons with visual impairment can use to help them maneuver in a closed environment around common objects such as tables, chairs, desks, TV, wall, etc… Minor divergences will be allowed as long they fall within the overarching theme of catering for persons with visual impairment. 

Considering the limited resources and timeframe, applicants are not expected to create a full-blown application but rather create one component that may eventually serve as an item in the larger application that is to be developed by the winning team in the following year. 

Disciplines:  Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mechatronics, Bioinformatics, 3D Modelling & Animation, Design among others. 

​Groups of up to 5 members from LAU students (preferably spanning multiple disciplines) can apply using the above link specifying the following:

  • Team Name
  • Full names, emails and LAU ID numbers of each of all team members (up to 5)
  • Choose one of the team members as the primary contact person and another as the secondary contact person

Project Duration: 1/11/2022 – 19/07/2023

Call for Application/ Registration: October 10, 2022 - October 25, 2022


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