Advancing anaerobic digestion in the upper Litani basin for industrial wastewater treatment

Byblos, School of Medicine Auditorium

Workshop Description:

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of anaerobic digestion of organic waste including biogas production. Anaerobic digestion is an effective technology for the biodegradation of organic waste which does not use fossil fuel with potential savings up to 1 kWh/kgCOD removed. It also produces about 13.5 MJ CH4 energy/kgCOD removed, which could be used for power generation. The workshop will cover different treatment options which apply to the organic waste produced in the upper Litani basin. Experimental results for the treatment of different waste streams collected from the upper Litani basin will be presented, which shows the high efficacy of the treatment. This work is funded by USAID Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER), Project 7-101.

This event is by invitation only.