An Hour of Song

LAU Beirut Campus - Irwin Hall Auditorium

The Department of Communication, Arts and Languages cordially invites you to the classical music concert

An Hour of Song


Bass-Baritone Alex Aoun


Pianist Elias Dagher

Le bestiaire Le dromadaire Francis Poulenc (1899-1963)

Le chèvre du Thibet

La sauterelle
Le dauphin
La carpe
Deux Mélodies La souris
Fêtes galantes II Le faune Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Harfenspieler I, Wer sich der Einsamkeit ergibt Hugo Wolf (1860-1903)
Wandrers Nachtlied II, Op. 96 No. 3 Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Myrthen, Op. 25 Sitz’ ich allein Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Setze mir nicht
Venetianische Lieder No. 1, Leis rudern hier
Venetianische Lieder No. 2, Wenn durch die Piazzetta
Six Dances for Piano Unabi of Shushi Komitas (1869-1935)
Shushik of Vagharshapat
Seven Songs for Piano I Am a Girl
Come Home
Toccata Aram Khachaturian (1903-1978)
American Folk Song Set I’m a Stranger Here Steven Mark Kohn (b.1957)
Nightsongs (2018) Prayer H. Leslie Adams (b.1932)
Drums of Tragedy
Prayer (Gather Up) Carlos Simon (b.1986)
بكتب اسمك يا حبيبي Rahbani Brothers
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) Mel Tormé (1925-1999)

The Artists:

Alex Aoun is an American bass-baritone whose passion for interdisciplinary and collaborative art inspires his professional work. Alex views music as a means of not only exploring one’s whole self, but also creating something entirely unique. He feels strongly about his art reflecting his personal values of authenticity and human connection.

Pianist Elias Dagher values the power of music to tell stories and build communities He recently moved back to Boston, USA after a two-year fellowship at Bard College, where he worked daily with both vocalists and instrumentalists in his role as a collaborative pianist. He spent the summer of 2022 at the Tanglewood Music Center and has been regularly performing in various regional venues since. Some of Elias’s most influential teachers have included Eugene Kaminsky, Jeffrey Goldberg, Alexander Korsantia, Kayo Iwama and Erika Switzer. Elias also plays the mbira dzavadzimu, a centuries-old plucked instrument of metal keys wound over a wooden soundboard. The instrument comes from the Shona people of Zimbabwe. He last performed in Lebanon at AUB and LAU Beirut in the summer of 2019, when he and a small chamber group presented a new work by Lebanese composer Nadim Tarabay alongside several older works for piano and strings.