ChatGPT: Getting the Most out of Your Virtual Assistant

Irwin Hall Auditorium

As part of its Keep Learning series, the Alumni Relations Office invites you to a talk exploring diverse perspectives on AI — from optimistic views that see AI as a tool for solving complex problems to pessimistic ones that see AI as a threat to human jobs and society as a whole.

The presenters will demystify the inner workings of machine learning algorithms with a particular focus on natural language processing, setting the stage for a guided tour of the many uses of ChatGPT. The session will conclude with reflections on ethical and fair uses of ChatGPT, considering issues like algorithmic bias and the need for human oversight to ensure that AI is used in ways that align with our values and principles.

About the Presenters

Jordan Srour portrait


Jordan Srour is LAU’s Assistant Provost for Educational Resources and Innovation. She leads the university’s Center for Innovative Learning, which helps faculty members adopt new teaching/learning methods enabled by technological developments. She is keenly interested in innovative applications of AI in both teaching and research with multiple publications on novel uses of machine learning in management, construction, and cultural heritage.

 Reine Azzi portrait

Reine Azzi is a lecturer of English and Liberal Arts at the School of Arts and Sciences. She also coordinates Liberal Arts courses within LAU’s innovative Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum. She currently teaches the course on technology, ethics, and global society. She is also conducting a study on innovative uses of AI in the classroom.



All are welcome.

Underground parking space is available for those with a valid Alumni ID.