Social Expenditure Monitor for Arab States

AKSOB 903, Beirut campus

As part of the Economics and Public Policy Seminar Series, the Department of Economics invites you to attend a presentation titled: Social Expenditure Monitor for Arab States.

Join us on March 29 on the LAU Beirut campus for the launch of the Social Expenditure Monitor report! Discover the innovative framework for measuring social expenditures in the Arab region and learn how it can galvanize progress across the Sustainable Development Goals.

Presenters’ Names:

  • Niranjan Sarangi, Senior Economic Affairs Officer, ESCWA
  • Dana Hamdan, Research Assistant, ESCWA
  • Jan Gaska, Economic Affairs Officer, ESCWA


The Social Expenditure Monitor report offers a pioneering assessment of social policy spending in the Arab region to galvanize progress across the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report looks at ways to enhance public expenditure equity and efficiency, and rebalance priorities towards better public finance management, so as to increase human capital, productivity and growth and realize human rights. The report presents a new framework for measuring social expenditures in seven dimensions, by capturing critical social development priorities aligned with the SDGs. Through detailed data, macro-econometric modelling, and analysis of public financial management diagnostics, the report aims to optimize links between expenditure choices and macroeconomic objectives, provide a basis for better statistics, and strengthen advocacy for much-needed fiscal policy reforms to meet various objectives crucial for macroeconomic and social stability. The report’s recommendations, summarized in an 11-point agenda, support Arab countries in devising strong budgets and in making expenditure choices more equitable, efficient and effective to ensure that no one is left behind.


The link below will be used to stream the event: