X-Tended Reality Boot Camp: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality

Monday, July 10 to Friday, July 14
Monday, July 17 to Friday, July 21

LAU Byblos Campus - Block A Building, Room 401

Welcome to the School of Arts and Sciences Boot Camp 2023!

I. Camp Description

The X-Tended Reality Boot Camp is tailored towards students of various ages (high school, undergraduates and graduates) who wish to nurture their skills in the field of game design and development, more specifically in the target area of Augmented (AR), Virtual (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR). The Camp shall provide technical understanding on the syntax pertaining to the C# programing language with regards to X-tended Reality while leveraging the capabilities of the Unity Platform to design, create and apply 3D interactive animated scenes. These scenes will be visualized using either Virtual Reality Headsets (Oculus II and HTC Vive Pro) or via Mixed Reality Headsets (Interactive Augmented Reality – Microsoft Hololens II).

The camp will be held over a two-week period between July 10 – 14 and July 17 – 21 on the premises of the X-Tended Reality facility on LAU’s Byblos campus.

II. Camp Objectives

III. Registration Process

  1. Click on this link and submit your details.
    Note: Once registered online, you shall receive a copy of your response via email.
  2. Our team will review the applications and will notify the applicants whose registration is approved via email so that they may head to our campuses and settle their fees. Settlement of fees will fall within a timeline of 5 days from the receipt of the registration approval, after which the applicant’s registration will be cancelled in favor of the next ranked applicant.
  3. Head to LAU’s Business Office (Beirut or Byblos campus) and settle your fees as per your registration input ($350 or $550). Make sure you have your approval email on hand as proof when you arrive to settle your fees. 
  4. Note that spots are limited to 18 applicants, so we encourage you to apply early in order to not to avoid the risk of not being awarded a spot in our inaugural camp.

IV. Relevant Deadlines

Deadlines for the X-Tended Reality Boot Camp
Online registration deadline (18 limited spots) June 29, 2023
LAU contacts students with approved registrations Ongoing
Settlement of payments at the business office Within 5 days of confirmation of registration and no later than July 2, 2023