Cost–Volume–Profit Analysis for Micro Entrepreneurs

Adnan Kassar School of Business 903 - Beirut campus

The Department of Economics at the Adnan Kassar School of Business is pleased to invite you to attend a seminar entitled:

Cost–Volume–Profit Analysis for Micro Entrepreneurs

Presented by: Dr. Marcin Osikowicz
Cracow University of Economics


Micro-entrepreneurs usually do not keep full books of accounts. Instead, they usually keep records limited to tax purposes, sometimes supplemented by auxiliary records, for example, to control receivables and payables. In addition, usually micro-entrepreneurs are fully and individually responsible for the debts of the enterprise. All this makes understanding basic accounting principles a problem for them. The CVP analysis requires the micro-entrepreneurs to know the concepts of revenues and costs, taking into account the accrual basis. If this condition is met, you can start estimating fixed and variable costs, which is the basis of the CVP analysis. From there, it’s only a step to apply the revenue function and the cost function to break even point forecasting and similar applications.

The event will also be streamed on this link