Charting Leadership, Success, and US Internships

LAU Byblos Campus - Science 607-608

An Informative Talk with Mr. Georges Fares


  • What is a leadership
  • How can students become leaders?

Together we can make a difference:

  • There is a growing awareness that the success of our youth is directly dependent of their leadership. We will work together to tie each subject from leadership and making a difference.
  • We will also establish an environment of excitement and energy that will facilitate a proactive strive for excellence by applying leadership knowledge and education.

US Internships:

  • We will cover five sectors: financial services, IT technology, healthcare, hospitality management, and automotive.



Mr. Georges Fares is currently the Vice President of Strategic Business Development - Financial Services Industry (Capital Market, Banks, Asset Management, Hedge & Mutual Funds, Life Property-Casualty Insurance).

Mr. Fares has held various roles across diverse sectors such as Business Development Financial Services at IBM, and then he joined DXC Technology as Client Relationship Partner. In 2014, Mr. Fares took on the role as the Business Development Director at Tata Consultancy Services and in 2019, Mr. Fares was the Director at Wipro Limited.

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