The Next Wave of Medical Education: Redefining Healthcare

Beirut and LAU Byblos campus

Join us for the Fourth International Conference on Medical Education, “The Next Wave of Medical Education: Redefining Healthcare”.

This groundbreaking conference aims to bring together professionals and thought leaders from diverse backgrounds across the healthcare spectrum, including educators, clinicians, researchers, trainees, administrators, and policymakers, for two days of enriching discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Its objectives are to:

• Resume national dialogue on medical education to address shared challenges and opportunities.

• Foster a community of thought leadership capable of influencing national health and education policy.

• Provide a platform that not only bridges various health disciplines in Lebanon but also connects with regional and international expertise.

Themes include leadership, admissions, assessment, and the latest technological advances in medical education, including AI, virtual reality, digital health, simulation, and many others. Additionally, participants will enhance their skills in applying new pedagogical techniques and using technological tools for effective teaching and assessment in medical curricula.

This inspiring program will incorporate hands-on experience through workshops and roundtables led by world-renowned professionals from top academic programs and other leading institutions.

We look forward to welcoming you all.