Spotlight on Fiscal Policy

Gezairi Building, Room 403, Beirut Campus; and Online

The Center for Policy Analysis and the International Monetary Fund are co-organizing a panel discussion on fiscal policy in Lebanon, featuring the following experts:

  • Hanin Al Fakih is an economist at the IMF – Resident Representative Office. Hanin will serve as discussant.
  • Paul Abi Nasr is the CEO of Polytextile industrial complex and a member of the board of directors at the Association of Lebanese Industrialists.
  • Karim Daher is an international business lawyer and lecturer on tax law and public economics at Saint Joseph University of Beirut.
  • Frederico Lima is the IMF Resident Representative in Lebanon.
  • Alia Moubayed is an emerging markets economist and founding director of the Association of Women Economists Across MENA (AWEAMENA).
  • Leila Dagher is Assistant to the President of LAU for Public Policy and Associate Professor of Economics. She will moderate the session.

If you are curious about the future of Lebanon’s economy, and want to understand the solutions to our fiscal challenges, join us in this engaging session featuring prominent experts who will provide an in-depth analysis of Lebanon’s fiscal policy landscape. This is a unique opportunity to understand the critical issues and potential solutions that can steer Lebanon towards a more stable and prosperous economic future.

If you’d like to attend online, please sign up here.