2nd International Clinical Conference: Optimizing Pharmaceutical Care

Byblos, Lebanon, May 13-15, 2004

[LAU logo]Lebanese American University

The Lebanese American University is a multi-campus career-oriented university that aims to serve the educational needs of Lebanon and the Middle East by developing a community that is intellectually stimulating and responsive to the dynamics of its environment.

The School of Pharmacy, located at the Byblos campus, was established in 1994 to meet the demand for a clinical pharmacy practice in Lebanon and the Middle East. The school prepares its students for careers in clinical pharmacy with a thourough understanding of drugs and diseases. In 2002, the Pharm.D. program at LAU became the first accredited program outside the U.S. by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education.

[ACCP logo]American College of Clinical Pharmacy

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy is a professional and scientific society that provides leadership, education, advocacy and resources, enabling clinical pharmacists to achieve excellence in practice and research.

ACCP's membership is composed of practitioners, scientists, educators, administrators, students, residents, fellows and others committed to excellence in clinical pharmacy and patient pharmacotherapy.

Included in ACCP's mission are the following objectives:

Middle East College of Clinical Pharmacy

Middle East College of Clinical Pharmacy is the chapter of the ACCP serving the Middle East area with the following purpose:

If you're interested in joining the MECCP and be part of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, send e-mail to omoukhachen@lau.edu.lb or fill out an application at the MECCP booth during the conference.