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Crisis Management and the Reinvestment of Family Assets

Under the patronage of H.E. Adnan Kassar, Minister of Trade and Economics


Pre-Conference Workshop: Wednesday March 16, 2005
“Strategic Management for Family Firms in Crisis: Improving Performance with Systems Thinking”

The program focuses on “Transgenerational entrepreneurship: building strategy-focused families and organizations for continued growth and learning.”

Entrerpreneurship has been embraced worldwide by individuals, families and organizations as the engine of socio-economic prosperity, growth and change. Entrepreneurial thinking and leadership is at the forefront of the creation of new enterprises, the succession and conitnuity of family and privately controlled corporations. Creating and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset across generations is central to the effective strategic execution, innovation, growth and business continuity.

This interactive seminar will include an overview and presentation by the workshop leader Dr. David Pitsrui, as well as an active exchange and discussion by session participants.

The workshop will focus on:

  1. Defining and operationalizing entrepreneurship and exploring the impact it has on family and business dynamics across generations.
  2. Encourage the identification of family and non-family entrepreneurial opportunities in the participants’ organizations through the presentation of the Acumen Scorecard Framework for balanced growth and learning.
  3. Empower action through the exchange of ideas, concepts and reasoning which can be employed to foster entrepreneurial thinking, family well-being, and sustained competitive advantage.

Attendees can expect to learn practical and conceptual expertise in order to:


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