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3rd Banking and Finance International Conference:
Post-War Economics and Finance
School of Business, Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon.


The aftermath of wars on countries is economically and financially devastating. In the case of the 2006 war in Lebanon, the country is to experience a considerably below average economic growth, according to the latest World Bank report. Pre-war economic growth for Lebanon was well in a recovery phase according to pre-war published reports.

The purpose of this 3rd Banking and Finance International Conference is to analyze issues pertaining to post war economics and finance topics as they relate to Lebanon’s 2006 war and to provide objective assessments to the challenges ahead.

The conference is intended to bring together academics as well as economics, finance and accounting professionals, in addition to policy makers who have an interest in the subject. Your perspective may be international, regional or local. The conference welcomes all contributions and papers on this timely issue or any other related topic.

LAU’s School of Business has been successful in organizing such conferences in the past. Industry, government and academics attendance as well as heavy press coverage at previous conferences have been remarkable.

In particular the conference will address the following issues but not limited to:

Selected papers of this conference will be published in a refereed journal to be announced later.

The conference has been postponed and a new date will be announced soon.

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