The Impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ on Socio-Political Developments in Lebanon

Science Building 607-608, Byblos campus

The Department of Social Sciences and the Center for Contemporary Middle East Studies at the University of Southern Denmark are organizing an international conference titled: “The Impact of the ‘Arab Spring’ on Socio-Political Developments in Lebanon: Preconditions, Process, and Consequences”.

The conference, which will result into a research proposal and a publication, is structured around four panels. While the first one tackles the Arab spring and its impact on social movements in Lebanon, the second one addresses how Lebanon’s political establishment reacted to the spillovers of the Arab Spring in Lebanon. The third panel revolves around Lebanon’s political landscape in the context of the regional transformations that have resulted from the post-2011 Middle East. The fourth panel sheds light on the Lebanese press and the academic discourse, and how both have shaped the discourse on the Arab spring and social movements in Lebanon.

The conference will group international and Lebanese scholars, journalists and practitioners.

For more information on the event’s program, click here.