The 2018 LAU Mathematics Tournament

Academic Computer Center, Block A Building, Byblos campus

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First Call

The 2018 LAU Mathematics Tournament (LAU-MT) is a contest that brings together undergraduate mathematics students, from various universities in Lebanon, in a context of Mathematics related problems. This yearly tournament is intended to encourage undergraduate students to enroll in graduate Mathematics programs and to engage in research projects in Applied Mathematics.


The LAU Mathematics Tournament is a mathematical contest for junior or senior mathematics students (2nd or 3rd year) enrolled in universities in Lebanon and the region.

Participation in the LAU-MT 2018

All Universities in Lebanon are invited to participate in the LAU-MT 2018. Each university is invited to send a maximum of two two-student teams. The Mathematics Departments of each participating university are represented by one faculty serving in the scientific committee. The competition is intended to students in their second or third year of university education in Mathematics and will consist of a three-hour session. ProbĀ­lems will be from the fields of Mathematics in general, including Algebra, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, Real and Complex Analysis, Combinatory and Probability. The working language will be English and French.


The LAU-MT 2018 will take place at the Byblos campus of the Lebanese American University on Saturday May 12, 2018 starting 10:00 AM in the Academic Computer Center Block A.


For the students coming from Beirut and South Lebanon, we have arranged for a transportation shuttle from the LAU Beirut campus to the Byblos campus. The shuttle will depart at 08:00 sharp. In case you would like to use the shuttle, you need to reserve your place by sending us and email to

Prizes and awards

All participating teams will receive a certificate for participation in LAU-MT 2018. Winning teams will receive a nation-wide accredited certificate endorsed by the Lebanese Society for Mathematical Sciences (LSMS). Other prizes are also given to the winners of the contest.


The scientific committee will evaluate the work completed by the competing teams, and the first three teams will be ranked.

LAU-MT 2017

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  1. In case you would like to attend the LAU-MT2018 event without participating in the tournament, you need to fill this registration form. Click here to register.
  2. In case you would like to attend the LAU-MT2018 event and would like to participate in the tournament, you need to register with your teammate here. Before registering you need to get the approval of the your Mathematics department as only two teams from your institution are allowed to participate. Click here to register.

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